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Whether you craft small production, high-value wines or moderately priced wines on a large scale, Safe Harbor's micro-oxygenation and stave enhancement technology gives winemakers a cost-effective means of stylizing and evolving wines with a measure of precision that exceeds traditional oak barrel aging.

Bulk Wine Storage

Safe  Harbor  has  over  nine  million  gallons of  stainless tanks ranging in  size from 3,500 gallons to 50,000 gallons  in increments of 6,500 gallons.  Cellar temperature  is held at 58 degrees all year.

Safe Harbor bulk wine storage

White Grape Juice and Apple Juice Fermentation

Safe Harbor can ferment white grape juice or other fruit juices in jacketed, temperature controlled stainless tanks.

Racking and Blending

Safe  Harbor can perform all cellar tasks including racking (with lees disposal or filtration) and blending of  large or small blends.

Cold Stabilization

Safe Harbor can cold stabilize your whites or reds using traditional chilling methods or outside services or products.


Safe Harbor has two Della Toffola Cross-flow filters and can filter your wines prior to bottling or removal.


Bottle Prep and Bottling

Safe Harbor can provide all bottle preparation duties ahead of bottling day.  Bottling is provided  by Halsey Bottling, a trusted vendor. Additionally, mobile canning lines can be set up indoors for  your canning needs.


Sensory Tasting Lab with Video Conferencing

State of the art sensory laboratory, natural light, tasting table, with heated counter tops, sinks and blending labware.  Complete with video conferencing capabilities.

Compliance and Data Management

Safe Harbor handles all monthly reporting for clients’ bulk wine inventories, lab analyses and COLAs and dba registration.

Safe Harbor has a  dedicated Winemaker that can help you with  your winemaking needs.  Need a quiet place to taste or work on your blends?  Our tasting lab  is one of the finest in Napa Valley.  Winemakers can reserve the tasting  lab, launch a Zoom  call, and connect with your team.



Oak Stylisation and Micro-Oxygenation

Safe  Harbor can do both.  All tanks are fitted with ‘D’ rings and stainless-steel chains that allow for the attachment of your desired oak product.  Each row of tanks has a micro-oxygenation control box, tubing and sparging stones.


Safe Harbor’s staff is comprised of seasoned winemakers, cooperage experts, and cellar staff. 

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